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Atom Smash – Fitness Classes

Group exercise at Atom Trampoline Park is one of the most effective ways to keep fit and get in shape. We have a variety of classes that encourage a healthy lifestyle whilst also having the opportunity to socialise and interact with other participants. An exercise or fitness class gives the opportunity to have a structured session, led by one of our trained instructors.

If you think exercise can’t be fun, then try our Atom Smash Trampoline Fitness Classes!

Using a trampoline during your workout can actually increase the amount of calories you burn versus other forms of exercise, such as walking and jogging. Up to 1000 calories per class!

Embrace your inner child with trampoline exercise classes that are loads of fun and effective in helping you reach your weight loss goal.

We offer a wide range of classes suitable for all abilities and ages. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night 7-9pm immerse yourself in the Atom Trampoline Park fitness experience.

Atom Smash Classes Launch in April 2016 keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details of this great fun activity.

The classes…

  • Atom Smash – Fat Burn

This is our high intensity interval training class. The aim is to spend as much time as possible in your optimum training zone for burning calories and fat.

  • This session focuses on varying styles of interval training including Tabata.
  • Expect to see health benefits such as increased fitness and generally feeling good!
  • This class is great if your goal is weight loss, toning, strength & conditioning or general fitness.
  • All ages and ability.
  • Atom Smash – LBT

Legs, Bums & Tums are light hearted trampoline fitness classes which will tone and shape the targeted areas, as well as increasing stamina and cardiovascular fitness over all.

  • The exercises are designed to tone and build strength, so over time muscle definition will become more apparent.
  • If you want to get a flat tummy and tone your legs and bum this is a great workout for you!
  • Suitable for all ages and ability.
  • Atom Smash – Bootcamp

Our Bootcamp aims to provide an intense 45 minutes of fat burning madness.

  • Bootcamp is a circuit based fitness class that takes place both on and off the trampolines
  • We provide specialist equipment to provide dynamic variety to the session that will ensure a full body workout.
  • If you’re looking to tone muscle, burn fat and see some great results then get booked on to Atom Bootcamp.
  • Suitable for all ages and ability.
  • Atom Smash – Zumba/Boogie Bounce

We take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise.

  • Super effective.
  • Super fun.
  • Suitable for all levels of ability.
  • All participants must be 16 years or older.