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Atom Trampoline Park Rules

At Atom Trampoline Park we recognise that recreation, leisure and playtime are vital ingredients required for a happy and fulfilling childhood. We also recognise that with any activity comes a risk that needs managing, without wrapping our children in cotton wool. Our safety and your safety is of Atom's primary importance and the following rules are in place to ensure that our visitors know their boundaries and play safer.

In order for everyone to have a great time in our Park, we ask you to follow the Park’s safety regulations, which will keep everyone bouncing safely:

Atom Trampoline Park Rules

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You must follow the instructions given by the court monitor at all times.

Please follow our rules or we may ask you to leave the park.

Any physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated. If you become abusive to a member of staff or another customer, you will be asked to leave the park. In some cases the police may be contacted and this could result in a lifetime ban from Atom Trampoline Park.